Monday, 17 December 2012

Minotaurs: TH/SS Terminator WIP

I ordered the shields from Scibor in my latest Wayland order again as I didn't get them the last time. And this time around I actually got them and I could try to assemble one  to see how it looks.

So first of all I took the arm and hand holding the Storm Shields and duplicated it using Instant Mold and greenstuff, worked perfectly for this kind of work. Then I trimmed the symbol on the shield as I want to have the chapter symbol there instead later on. I then just glued on the lovely looking FW shoulder pads and voila done.......... or almost.

Well I'm a bit unsure about something, and that's the helmet. I first tried out a Chaos Warrior head with the horns trimmed off. And with this look he looks more like the soldiers of ancient Greece, so it's either this or the normal terminator helmets. I think I like the WoC helmet more on him but I'm still unsure, what do you guys think? Standard helmets or not?

More Minotaurs stuff is incoming and I will start to paint this Terminator as soon as Iv'e made up my mind. 


  1. WoC helmet looks unique and it fits with what i saw of the two characters from FW.

  2. I love that as I started a minotaur army i get to see how your stuff turns out before i jump into my own projects. For the helmets the WoC helmet looks like the winner here. to fully get the effect of old spartan warriors i think a red toga, all smeared with blood and frayed at the end would just be spectacular.

    1. Agreed! If your GS skills are up to it you could add a mohawk to the top of the helmet to really solidify the look. This hawk lord is a good example...

  3. I'll go against the grain here and vote standard helmet. WOC helmet looks a little too small for Termie armour and a bit "Chaos" for loyalists.

    Otherwise, that's a cool pose on that sucker. :)

  4. Thanks for all the input guys it's much appreciated.

    Zab - Yeah I think they will look good together with the FW Minotaur characters, don't know about a crest on the helmet though. It will look more Greek but I don't know if it will fit into the helmet when in Terminator armor. Have to think a little about that.

    Fitz - A red toga would toga would be nice, might do one in GS. I hope you are not in hurry with your Minotaur army because I'm not ;)

    Dai - I know what you mean and that's the reason why I'm not totally sure about it. But I think I will go with the WoC helmet anyway, at least see how it turns out when painted.


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