Thursday, 20 December 2012

News: WD Dark Angels pictures!

Once again we get the newest pictures from White Dwarf and we get to see the rumoured Dark Angels. Got these via Faet 212, and apparently the pictures was first posted by ZombieDK.

Also here's the price list:

Belial 15£ 22,25$ 22,25€
Asmondai 11£ 19,25$ 15,50€
Ravenwing Dark Talon 45£ 75$ 60€
The new Ravenwing Battleforce 70£ 110$ 90€
Ravenwing Command Squad 30£ 50$ 40€
Deathwing Command Squad/knights/normal 35£ 50$ 45€
Ravenwing land Speed Vengeance 40£ 65$ 50€

Comment: I like the Deathwing and Ravewing models but still I'm unsure about the Vehicles especially the flyer. It looks like the Storm talon but with wings, not that creative. The Landspeeder variant looks kinda of cool but also a little strange, may have to get used with it. Overal not that impressed. Really want to see them all in person though before I judge them too harshly, also I don't really like the paint jobs that much.

Belial looks cool but I would rather have seen a more dynamic pose, the same goes for Asmodai although he looks quite sinister just like he should. The book cover I like really much, quite an unusual angle and space marine doesn't scream Dark Angels, which is nice. Can't wait to get it, and a couple of those new boxes :D

1 comment:

  1. Awful. Just Awful.

    Belial is standing like an anime girl. I think they look poor and a desparate grab for cash. So unoriginal so uninspiring..."I know Ravenwing it should be like a Stormtalon but (awed hush) WITH WINGS LIKE A RAVEN!"

    I am not a big Space marine fan but nonetheless these are just lazy super covered in nonsensical details so you don't see the inferiority of the products.


    Not terrible needs to do better c+.


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