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Battle Report: WZ:R Bauhaus vs. Dark Legion 500 Pts

So I have now played my second WZ.R game ever and this is the first Battle Report I do for the system so bare with me that we probably play a lot of the rules wrong (I have realized plenty of stuff already), but hey that's how you learn right? Also this Battle Report wont be much in depth because of this, and the fact I was a little stressed out during the game and we unfortunately had to end it before the scenario was finished. So on with this then...

As this is mainly a learning kind of game the point allowance weren't as important, but as the Dark Legion starter and Bauhaus starter are kind of uneven we made some changes so here's the lists.


Angelica Drachen 170 Pts

5 Hussars /w 1 Rocket Launcher and Advanced HtH combat training 120 Pts
5 Hussars /w 1 Rocket Launcher and Advanced HtH combat training 120 Pts

Light Vehicle:
1 Vulcan Battlesuit 115 Pts

Total: 525 Pts

Dark Legion

Golgotha w/ Dark Banishment (Dark Summetry) 205 Pts

5 Undead Legionnaries w/ 2 Valcheck HMG, Necromutant Squad Commander upgrade 88 Pts
5 Undead Legionnaries w/ 2 Valcheck HMG, Necromutant Squad Commander upgrade 88 Pts

1 Razide w/ Plaguedealer 75 Pts
1 Razide w/ Plaguedealer 75 Pts

Total: 531 Pts

Scenario Secondary Objective: Vital Information (one of three tokens in the middle of the board could be the the Info, when activated the model who activated it must hold it the whole next turn to win the scenario)

Turn 1
I won the initiative roll and choosed side, I moves up Angelica behind cover and turned to burn three cards to place her Distortion device. Erik moves his undead squad on his left and I move up my right Hussar squad. Using the higher movement  gained by one of Golgothas passive powers his Razide runs behind the cover in the middle. I counter by moving my Vulcan forward ans firing my HMG at him but I roll really poorly and misses all but one shot which is saved by the Razides armour. Not much more happened this turn more than we going forward with our remaining squads. Oh besides the other Razide taking aim at the distortion device but fail to wound it.

Turn 2
Erik gets the initiative and activates Golgotha who does her dark summetry power so the Vulcan don't get any cover from anything. Then it starts with with the Razide in the middle and Vulcan exchanging fire, the Vulcan get one or two SP down (we totally forgot that the Vulcan can "heal" each SP) and the the Vulcan fluff his rolls against the Razide who is still on full wounds. The Vulcan also flips the right most Objective token to see if it's the 'ONE', it isn't though. The Legionnaire helps out and take out one ore two SP:s more on Vulcan, they are spread out though so he is still fully functional. His other Razide runs as fast as he can to the cover in the middle and tries to hide. One of my Hussar squads runs towards the left objective marker and manage to flip it and it is the right one! Now that model just need to hold that objective for the whole next turn. The other Hussar squad goes in the same direction and all of them opens fire against the Razide behind hard cover in the middle but all either fails to hit or to wound it. Dammit those Razides are hard to kill!

Turn 3
I didn't take a picture this turn which is a shame because it was the most eventful one, but I will try to remember everything that was going on. The Vulcan get's more damage from the combined fire from the Legionnaries squad and both Razides, so much that his main weapon explodes. Now I remember the vulcans Life Support System which means I can save a SP taken on a roll of 1-5 on the D20. We decide to take them all now on each SP already taken separately. I fail all but one and it's the one on his main weapon so it is now functional again. And that is awesome because I go forward with him, fires of his flamer killing all in the legionaries unit accept two of the legionaries. And then fires the HMG at thre closest Razide and he get two wounds but is still living. The Razides fires back and now it was to much for the Vulcan and he explodes.

Erik uses the untouched Legionnaires squad to race towards the Hussars holding the objective, and manages to kill the Hussar holding the objective (we forgot about target priority here and it could have saved the poor mans life and me winning the game). A new hussar takes the objective but needs to hold another turn. They respond with trying to kill of the Razide in the middle together with the other Hussar squad fails to do so just taking two wounds of it. Then Angelika in the middle tries to both shoot with her Equaliser handgun and her Neurolash Energy Expulsion but fails to take the last wound of the Razide.

Turn 4
The battles between the the Razide and Hussars continue and they finally manage to kill it off. They get shot in return from the Legionnaires and the Hussar holding the objective gets killed together with the Hussar having the Rocket launcher. The other Hussars responds by killing a couple of Legionnaires but we decided to call the game here because we now understood that with only the one objective to win the game which where very hard to do with it being in open like it where. I also needed to go now as the game took longer than expected for various reasons.

It was crazy, WZ:R is normally a game where guys gets killed left and right. In this game not much was in the deadpiles in the end of the game. Dark Legion: 3 Undead Legionnaires, 1 Necromutant Leader, 1 Razide. Bauhaus: 1 Vulcan, 3 Hussars 

We should have handled the mission better, the one we did now didn't really work well with the small forces we had and how the terrain was laid out. In the next game we will probably have bigger armies and do and real game with a Priority mission and maybe an Secondary mission.

Hopefully we will have all the cards and stuff by then as well, the stat cards really helps actually making it so easy to keep track of your squads equipment, stats etc.

We learned a lot in this game and we discovered a lot of things during and after the game that we had missed out on, like get the gun rules, target priority etc.  And that was the purpose of the whole game, to learn how it plays and hopefully to get Erik into this lovely game as well (which I think we did because he really liked how the game played and is now looking for which army to buy). It was a really fun game but we know it would have been even more fun if we knew the rules better and choose a better Mission to go with the conditions we had. So really looking forward the next game and hopefully it will be against some of the others guys armies instead my own :) Will try to do an bat rep of the next game as well and hopefully a much better one where I don't forget to take pictures. 

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