Monday, 12 May 2014

Miniature Monday: House Valmonte Distortion Device

Sometimes it's the little things that make that something extra, like tokens for example. In Warzone: Resurrection we have a lot of different tokens, but no models for them (yet at least) so we have make our own and that is really fun in my opinion. 

So when I did the Bauhaus starter the warlord in the box (Angelika Drachen) have this ability to place a Distortion Device on the battlefield; Here's the rules for it:

Active: House Valmonte Distortion Device: ‘Turn to Burn’
3 Resource Cards. Place a 30mm token (counts as 1” high
and Light Cover) anywhere on the battlefield within Angelika’s
LOS. The token has an AV 15 and 1 SP and is hit
automatically in CC. Any Model within 3” of the token
cannot make a Ranged Attack. Only one ‘House Valmonte
Distortion Device’ token may be in play during the Game,
but if it is destroyed, Angelika can place another one. The
token stays in play until its SP is reduced to 0 or owning
Player decides to remove it during any Control Phase.

I of course needed to do this and there will be more tokens in the future, but here's the first one. Anyone that can guess what is is originally?



  1. Some sort of CAD resin not-boltgun maybe? Whatever it started life as, it looks great now though!

  2. Okay, what gun did you cut up? It looks great though, and I love your Warzone work so far sir!!!

  3. Thanks guys! Okey so here's the answer then.....drum roll.......It's was an part of a twinlinked Assault Cannon for a Space Marine Landrider :D So always check your bitz boxes to convert into tokens, markers and other cool stuff.


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