Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Unboxing: Warzone Dark Legion Valpurgius

The third of the Nepharite Warlords from the Warzone: Resurrection book is one of the newer models in the range, and he looks awesome. Some changes are made from the orginal artwork and the old model but I must say I really like the new incarnation. So on to the unboxing.

Front cover of the box is the classic Paul Bonner art

The things you get in the box

The main body had fell of the sprue, but no other damage whatsoever

The cloak is looking really awesome

You get six cards, the stat card, two Tactical cards, one Gear card and two Strategy cards

As you could see in the pictures above you get three alternative heads, all which looks really cool. I choose the classic looking on though and can't wait to start and paint him up (I have plenty of other stuff to paint first though). All in all a great kit, almost no moldlines or flash. Just glue him together and your set to go and paint him. 

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