Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Unboxing Warzone: Imperial Starter Set

This is a late one, just haven't managed to finish this Unboxing before. But better late than never right? So on to it then.

Awesome and classic Paul Bonner boxart

All the contents

We get two of these sprues, lovely sculpts and crisp details

You can use these fellas as Warlord, Lord or even and little NCO. Great looking miniatures.

Back of the box
 You get 75 cards in the box just like all the other starters, you get 8 Resource cards, 5 stat cards, 17 strategy cards, twelve gear cards and 35 tactical cards (I count them to 76 cards but anyway). I must say I really like

And finally all the models put together, I must say I really like the look of this starter and think it's the nicest one yet released for WZ:R. The only thing I'm not as fond of is the limitation in poses, the poses they actually have though is so dynamic so this is not a huge deal. All in all a great kit I can recomend for all you WZ:R players, and maybe even for Imperial Guard.... ehm Astra Militarum players out there who want something different. 


  1. For TheSerenity x4? Strategy can be 0-3 in a deck. :) Great unboxing!

    1. Thanks! Yeah that card is probably the mysterious 76th card I got :)

  2. Hi guys, I've nominated you for a Liebster Award, in case you haven't got one already...

    1. Many thanks Stylus! I actually got my first award last week or so, just haven't gotten around and do my nominees yet. But big thanks anyway and I will sure put your blog in my blog roll as well and look it up some more in the future.


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