Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Unboxing Warzone: Cybertronic Exterminateur Mk.1

Yesterday I got a new package from 'Poland?!' containing my latest WZR purchase. So here we go again with some new Unboxing articles and first up is the Termninato.....eh... Exterminateur Mk. 1. This is actually part of the new Cybertronic Starter set, but it will be available to buy separately and is also a completely new model so I wanted to do an Unboxing for just this new mega robot from Cybertronic.

So here we go.

All the contents in for this particular model, no box as it's part of the starter set. 

Three parts, no problem at all to assemble. 

Pretty much no moldlines and the details are very sharp

The stat card is looking really nice

I don't think we know yet how many points it costs but I really like the rules for it and will defiantly try to fit one in my Cybertronic list

All six cards you get for this model, quite nice cards as well

The assembled model, no problem at all to put together

Size comparison to with and Razide and Vulcan
I must say I really like the looks of this model, much similar to the classic looking Attilas but bigger and beefier. And Cybertronic has finally got an Light Vehicle (with an model). The details are really crisp and the resin feels really nice, all in all a really nice model and with some pretty awesome cards and rules as well. 

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