Monday, 26 May 2014

Miniature Monday: Imperial Trencher finished!

Today I will show you the first test model for how I'm going to paint up my Imperial Trenchers. I don't know why but the finished model does not really show of nicely on these pictures somehow, it actually looks much better in real lifer for some reason.

So well well, at least you can see what colour scheme I went with. Did a quite classic looking colour scheme that I think will work with the rest of the army. I use mostly WP Monster Brown and WP Angel Green and that is the same as the camo on my Vehicles for example. I'm really happy with the result and think a finished unit will look even better, so look out for that in the near future.


  1. Classic take on a beautiful sculpt. Like this very much.

    1. Thanks Dai, actually redid the paintwork a little. Didn't like the blueish grey for the edge highlights so did a more basic light grey HL instead. Think it looked better, but anyway thanks and I also really like these models.


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