Monday, 3 November 2014

Miniature Monday: Bauhaus Max Steiner

Whilst serving in the ‘green hells’ of Venus, Steiner was transformed. He learned the full horror represented by the Dark Symmetry, confronting the very worst necrotechnological monstrosities the Dark Legion could field. He saw beloved brothers-in-arms cut down in the prime of life, only to be resurrected by the fell processes of the symmetry and sent against their erstwhile kin as horrific, rotting Undead Legionnaires. He faced the cream of the other corporations too, but always his true hatred was reserved for the Dark Legion. 

With so many battles against the servants of the Nepharites to his name, it was perhaps inevitable that Major Steiner would receive one of the greatest honours any human soldier can aspire to – he was invited by the Cartel to serve in the elite of the elite, the Doomtroopers. There, Steiner found that the enemies he had faced thus far were but the tip of a necrotic iceberg, a mere glimpse of the stark horror that awaited should the Nepharites gain a foothold on the worlds of the solar system. As a Doomtrooper, he infiltrated the halls of the Dark Citadels themselves, and saw sights that would blast the very soul from most men.

Text taken from the Prodos Shop

Finally a finished model to show you all, and it's no less than the famous Max Steiner from the Bauhaus Corporation. This is probably one of my absolute favorite characters in thc Mutant Chronicles universe. And I also think that the model Prodos has made to represent him is one of the best from the Kickstarter era models. So really fun to paint up even if I did f*#%k up the white paint job I did on the armor with my airbrush (was sloppy with the rest of the paints and white do not forgive those mistakes easily).

I think he turned out nice in the end anyway, hope you like this and come back the following days as I will do more Warzone unboxings with all the new stuff I got today :D.


  1. I don't know anything about this character, but this is a wonderful paint job. Really great whites! Very well done! I think I would have gone with a bit less snow (Since there is so much white on the model), but the brown helps break it up, and still works wonderfully.

    1. Thanks Greg! I agree about the snow, I got a little to much of the glue when I did it. Glad you liked him :D


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