Monday, 17 November 2014

Miniature Monday: Nurgle Plaguebearer

Here's my first test model for how I wanted to paint up my Plaguebearers. Nothing fancy or special but I like it and will work nice together with the rest of my Chaos army. If people are interested I will also do an little tutorial soon to show you how I paint my Plaguebearers.

In the meantime, C & C is much welcome! (Oh and sorry for the poor pics here, will do better when I show more of my Plaguebearers)


  1. I think he looks great. I do think the snow gives you a unique opportunity. Because the snow is white, and will pick up any color that hits it, if you went with some sort of goo dripping from the plague guy, you could color the snow where it dripped down as well. Would be an interesting effect! (it might even work with just touching a colored wash to the snow!)

    1. Thanks! Yeah I thought about that to and when I saw the top pic here's I saw a perfect spot to add some more goo or slime. Will try this out, thanks again!


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