Friday, 24 October 2014

Unboxing Warzone: Cybertronic Eradicator Deathdroid

The Mega Walker of Cybertronic is often fielded in Squads of 3, each is linked to the other via banned technology and controlled by a web of human dentretic cells and cybernetics.

Text from Prodos Shop

Here's my second unboxing of a so called Heavy Vehicle in Warzone: Resurrection, the Eradicator for Cybertronic. So here we go. 

I got this via my Kickstarter so I did not recieve any box but instead all of the stuff is in these bags. 

It's a big model but you don't get that many parts, and is therefore really easy to assemble. 

It still looks similar to the original design but more shark like. And I really like the new look.

As always you get six cards, two Strategy cards, two Tactical cards and one Gear card. And then we have the stat card of course. 
You also get this mission cards for using Heavies in your games. The same as you got with all the Heavies. 

Assembled and ready for paint. Might need some GS as well on the shoulder pads to fix those gaps.

A lot of nice details and it looks really hi tech for being Warzone, but that is Cybertronic as they should look.

The Eradicator is tall and large, here's a comparison to some other WZ:R models. 

So, haven't painted it up yet as I think I will paint up the stuff I will play with more often first. I do think it will be really nice to paint up though and is looking forward to it. It is a big and impressive center piece model I think every Cybertronic player should have even if you don't think you will play that many Heavy games. It's just to cool not to have.

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