Thursday 6 November 2014

Unboxing Warzone: Bauhaus Venusian Rangers (new versions)

The Venusian Rangers are well-versed in fighting the forces of the Dark Legion, but they see just as much action against their megacorporate rivals. They are often used to mount surgical strikes against the defenders of especially desirable targets that Bauhaus wishes to obtain, such as mines and processing plants deep in the Venusian jungles. Spearheading these hostile takeovers has led to the emergence of a degree of rivalry between the Venusian Rangers and the Special Forces of the other megacorporations, the senior commanders engaging in a game of cat and mouse as they hunt one another through the Green Hells.

Because Bauhaus is well known for its adherence to tradition, its troops rarely overstep the bounds of honour. Captives are always well treated and the wounded of both sides are well looked after, leading to a healthy professional respect between the Venusian Rangers and, in particular, the Golden Lions of the Imperial Corporation, who have often been used in a similar role. However, the Venusian Rangers set aside all codes of honour when fighting the Dark Legion, for such deeds would never be reciprocated. In the battle for the very soul of Humanity, there can be no such concessions.

Text from the Prodos Shop

Prodos Games are working their asses off I think, releasing more and more models. And it's not just that the miniature range in Warzone: Resurrection is growing rapidly. The quality on the new models is definitely top tier in the industry right now, and the latest batch of models I bought has just blown me away.

So first up is the Venusian Rangers for the Bauhaus Corporation, one of my favorite units in the Mutant Chronicles Universe. 

You get your five toy soldiers in one of these boxes, no artwork unfortunately but I'm sure we'll see that in the future . 

All the stuff you get in the box, no base for the Boby Trap token (there should be one according to the Prodos Shop) but that's no biggie as I have plenty of spares. Also note the little paper where you can see who to blame if your box isn't satisfactory enough for you. 

You get two sprues, bodies and arms. There's letters on each to show what arms goes where in an easy way. 

Not a lot of flash at all and just a moldline going in the capes (easier seen on the pic above) which where very easy to fix.

You get a nifty looking Booby Trap token as well, with the Bauhaus logo and everything! Me like.

The cards is still the old ones (there talk about Prodos doing new ones in a new format) As always (almost) you get one stat card, two strategy cards, two tactical cards and one gear card. 
Love these models, the helmets are not all classic looking but a similar style and really cool. The poses and the details are just amazing. And I have to say that these now are one of my absolute favorite miniatures for a Sci-Fi miniatures game if not the top spot. That's how cool I think they look. 

The one and only negative I can find is that you can't do much when it comes to posing them different and all that. Hopefully we will get more in the future, I will sure buy even if I already have ten of the old KS Ven Rangers and these five. 

Long nice robes makes them look even more menacing for their hated foe the Dark Legion. 

Here's just two pics on how the different configurations look, you can go with all Panzerknacker Assault Rifles or you can change for one ore two of their Rocket Launchers as you can see below. This also drastically changes the appearance of the models.

Closing words then, well I love this kit of models. Great details, cool poses and awesome design. I didn't dislike the old KS versions, and with the upgrade kit I really liked them. But when compared to these new they are really crude looking actually. If your'e a Bauhaus player already and think you have plenty of Venusian Rangers already, think again, the new ones are much superior in every way. If your not a Bauhaus player yet, well these models have a great potential to change all that I promise you. Thank you Prodos Games! 

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