Thursday 23 April 2015

News: Warzone: Resurrection - Awesome new models for Imperial!

Yup they are finally here, the new models for the Imperial Corporation. They will all be available on Salute 2015. See the announcement below:

Imperial pre-orders for collection at the Prodos Stand at Salute are up and ready for purchase! If you pre-order your Imperial models to pick up at Salute you will not be charged for shipping.
If your order is £45 or more you will receive a Freedom Forever statue for free, this will be the last time this statue will be available.
When you place your order please enter the voucher code SALUTE to designate that you want to pick up your order at the Prodos Stand.
All preorders must be placed before Midnight GMT on Friday the 24th to be picked up at Salute.

For us who who can't attend Salute, can still pre order the new stuff. Which I just did myself and can't wait to swing my brush at them. Down below are some pictures and if you want see more go to the Prodos Shop

The new Wolfbane Starter Set.
Wolfbane Commandos

Hedgehog Necromower

Imperial Special Forces

Pathfinder, two are in the Wolfbane Starter Set

Grey Ghosts

The character Morten Oakenfist

Mourning Wolves

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