Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Unboxing Warzone: Resurrection - Cybertronic Enhanced Machinators

Standing at over 12 feet tall and with a predatory instinct the cybernetic constructs are implemented in a ranger role where the excel at stealth tactics.

The completely redesigned and exquisitely engineered Enhanced Machinators are extremely expensive to produce, containing Cuirassier electronics and cutting edge engineering. As such they are currently a rarity on the battlefield. Scientists are investigating methods to both reduce manufacturing costs and to utilise the A.I. as squad commanders for the basic Machinators. By developing and investigating command loop protocols, it is hoped that instead of deploying the enhanced version in large units it can be deployed singly, with a command of the original Machinators, although such processes are far from finalised. Pavlaski’s Enhanced Machinators are nigh on indestructible; built with hardened alloys that are resistant to all but the most powerful of ballistic weaponry; the perfect tool for covert operations, with joints that move with an inhuman grace and silence. They are the masters of rapid assault with elongated legs and cybernetic tendons that give a gazelle-like leap and the ability to jump into and out of cover in near silence. Suffice to say, this contemporary take on the Machinator design is perfect for missions of assassination, reconnaissance and infiltration.

Text from the Prodos Shop

This is the unboxing of the new version of the Enhanced Machinators, the first version was made during for the Kickstarter. You will see an comparison in the end of this unboxing, and I think we all can agree the new versions looks much better. Anyway on to this then.

All the contents, three models, four arm configurations, three 40mm bases and one stat card.

Same card as before, showing the old KS design in the artwork. Still really nice though.

Back of the card showing you the rules of their special skills among the other things. These guys thrives on terrain  heavy boards with their jumping skills. [Card is actually wrong here saying the TSW4000 LMG, it should be SSW4200P ‘Suppressor’ HMG as seen in it's rules text]

Sprue with the bodies of the models, you can build these guys without the use of glue (you just put the arms and the ball joints snaps into the sockets and stays there) not counting gluing them into the base.

The armor have lots of really tiny and delicate details.

You have all three with 'Striker' Assault Rifles or change one for the SSW4200P ‘Suppressor’ HMG.
Assembly is so easy, clip of the sprue and put them on. Take them of when you paint if you like and put them on again, or change weapons. You don't even need magnets, love it!

Again here you can see the delicate and small details, lovely models.

Comparison with an old KS version. First of all the old ones are not bad models at all, I quite liked the look of them. But these new ones are so nice it blows them out of the water. But they blow many sci fi models out of the water if you ask me, Necrons would shit their pants if they met these guys in an dark alley. 

Big difference in details.
Big armored robots with skull masks? What not to like? All in all awesome looking models, these look like Terminator (Arnold you know) on steroids.  I have just started on my Cybertronic force, but soon I can't stand the wait to paint these guys up. Really like their rules as well.

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