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Unboxing Warzone Resurrection: Nasca Razides + Add-on

The infernal creation of the Dark Legion, the Razides, are a disgusting abomination of steel and flesh. All Razides come from the same genetic pool, given a mockery of a life through dark  ecrotechnology. A series of arterial tubes feed insidious liquids to their vital organs, protected by layers of otherworldly bio-metals. What separates the Nasca Razides from their crimson counterparts does not end at the pigmentation of their flesh, but extends to their physical build-up. 

They display a benign intelligence, an adaptation to highly-toxic environmental conditions and a strange ability to execute acts of incredible dexterity that their physical form should deny them. In the depths of Alakhai’s chamber, Valpurgius commands a team of tekrons which toil laboriously to create ever more menacing creations for what Valpurgius only currently describes as his ‘master plan’. It is said that in return for his service to Ilian, the Dark Mistress, he was allowed to peer into the future of the Dark Soul. What he saw was his moment to shine in the baleful eyes of Algeroth; to stand above any other Nepharite and reign supreme. 

The Nasca Razide was designed for the sole purpose of fulfilling his needs, they were to form the main spearhead in his plans of domination, but until then, they would need testing and have been sighted as significant contingent of the Solar System’s major Dark Legion incursions. In the field, the cerulean-fleshed Nasca Razides are just as resilient as their bloodshot peers, though they display less of a temper-fuelled determination to engage in physical combat. Nasca Razides are resistant to becoming enraged beyond control, preferring a calculating and organised approach to combat; they display signs of a synergy with other Nasca Razides and an ability to think as an assembly rather than as their own battle-frenzied selves.

Text is from the Prodos Shop.

Unboxing time, and now it's time for some of the big guys in the Dark Legion, the Razides, and in this case the Nasca Razides. You could use these as either though and I might need to buy some more just to make them into normal Razides as well.

This unboxing is picture heavy as I also put in another box here, the Add-on pack for the Nasca Razides. Which gives you the option of having any  of the three weapon configurations on all of the Razides. The reason why they did this is probably because if all the weapons would be in the main box it would be much more expensive. Because there's a lot of resin here, I promise you.

All the contents you get, three 40mm bases, one stat card and the three Razides with one weapon choice each.

These guys are big and muscular just as they should, they are even bigger than the old Razide model from the Kickstarter despite that the Nasca variants actually should be a little smaller than their ordinary cousins. According to the fluff anyway. 

Not much moldlines or anything and the details are superb.

Here you have the Ashnagaroth HMG, a really deadly weapon.

Here's the stat card.

One of the nice rules the Nasca Razides have is that you can use them as conduits for Psychic Powers cast by other of your models.
And now on the the Add-on pack.

More weapons for you to use, and the great thing is that all of them pretty much can be changed out depending of what you want for any particular battle. That is because they snap in really nice into their sockets so you don't even need to magnetize.
As you can see there's is much resin just in the all the arms and weapons, and that is probably why Prodos choose to do this as an Add-on pack.

Here's you can see how they are put together, just bend a little and they snap in almost perfectly. 

 As you can see on the pictures above the arms and their corresponding socket have different letters to show which arms goes where.
Here's the basic configuraton of weapons you get in the main box. One of each, and all looking really nice. you can see that there are some gaps one some but can be solved by either magnets or if you want to glue them together.

Here's the whole squad with the classic Nagaroth.

And here we have them with Ashnagaroth HMG's, you can see why they can get some awesome firepower with these weapons. 

And here we have the Hellblaster, also an really cool looing weapon and very detailed.
That's it, I must say I really love this kit, sure it would be nice to have all the weapons included in the main box instead but that would have made that box more expensive I'm sure. This way you get an option if you want to get all the weapons or not. The Razides looks really epic and the detail level is really high. So if you are going with Dark Legion, I can't recommend this kit enough. 

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