Friday, 10 April 2015

Warzone: Resurrection - Golgotha finished!

I got tired of having this girl unfinished, despite the fact I'm not that keen on the actual model. Well, the model is okey, the stance is a bit odd and the model lacks details, especially for being an Warlord. Also the details that is there, is not very good, at least not on my model. I would love to see what Prodos could do if they updated this model, but I don't think that is planned in the near future.

But enough of the bashing of this model, in the end I think she looks quite nice anyway. I went with a classic look with purple skintone (on some pictures she is more blue but I went with this) and with purple cloth which I made from green stuff. I added some red to the edges of the cloth as well to have some more colors mixed in and to highlight the clothes she has (still unsure about this decision but...).

Hope you like her, I'm glad I have another Warlord choice for my Dark Legion, and Golgotha is one of the better ones in the game.

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