Wednesday, 15 April 2015

WIP Wednesday: Manticore and terrain

I have plenty of different painting projects laying around which I have just started on, but for today I wanted to show you these.

First up is a Manticore for Warriors of Chaos. I wanted to try out my airbrush a bit more so I just started on this one and to see what I could do. I think I'm done with the airbrush on this model now but I'm very pleased with how the colors looks, it might not look all to natural with the HLs and stuff but these are magical bests of Chaos so I just wanted some cool colors and smooth transitions.

I stayed with the blue theme of my Chaos army but also blended in some turquoise to make it stand out. 

When I was done I noticed his right ear was missing :S that's why it does not have any colors at all at the moment.
And I also wanted to show you some new terrain as well. I'm currently working hard on making a nice game board for my Warzone miniatures, (and that can work for other sci fi games as well) and here's some terrain using 40k and Deadzone scenery and barbed wire.

Currently painting them up as well and I like how they are turning out. I also have some finished terrain from the Deadzone Battlezones which I will show the coming days. 


  1. Lovely bit of airbrush work. It's inspiring to see how far your painting has come over the past year.

    Damn you... :P

    1. Hehe thank you Rusty, yeah I'm starting to get the hang of the airbrush and it has also made me better with the brush as well. Great that it shows!


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