Saturday, 31 July 2010


Today I was going to show you a little tutorial of how I paint one of my ghouls, pictures with all the few easy steps where ready and boom, the last thing I had to do before I did the base was to give it a quick spraying with the Purity Seal.

I was a little stressed out and it was raining a little outside where I had to spray my miniature. And what happens, I got a little over the top with the spraying because I thought it looked to shiny. Didn't see much then, it looked all right but when I came in I saw the miniature started to to look really "unshiny" tried to save it with ordinary washes and I tried to paint over it but it looked awful. So now I have scrubbed of all of the paint, dip and purity seal and I must start from scratch.

Have never seen this before, but I now I sprayed one or two times to much and the reason the model looked so shiny outside was probably because it was so moist. Oh well, lesson learned and I was lucky it was just this model, normally I spray a lot of miniatures at a time.

Here's a picture of the little disaster.

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