Sunday, 5 February 2012

Orc and Goblins Update: Second Black Orc Test model

I wasn't totally happy with how the first test model went, a little to bright and as one of the members on Da Warpath forum pointed out he looked like he belonged to Wisconsin NFL team Packers. Nothing against the Packers but I didn't want my Blorcs to look like an Fotbal team so I changed the colour scheme a little. A little hard do to tell which one looks the best because of the difference in looks with the new plastic kit and the old metal ones. Actually never realised this before but they look really different, just hope they mix well when they are all in the same unit.

Have actually bought some more stuff from Wayland games and some from Ebay really cheap, so now I have even more models to paint :P

That's all for now, next time it's an Empire Update again.

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