Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Empire Update: Swordsmen horde and five Halberdiers done!

Another Empire update, still painting these like crazy and even though I do that the progress still is going slow because I'm don't paint that fast. But at least there's some progress and here's what I've done this time. 

My Swordsmen horde unit is repainted and done. And I really like these large units and I think the adding of the yellow colour makes the unit look much better and more it looks more like The Empire. As you may have been notice there's one missing in the back row so this unit is now 39 models. Will of course add the last one and after that maybe even ten more to make it a unit of fifty. But That's in the future, I have some other things to get done like the....

The Halberdiers! Adding five fresh ones to the unit making them a fourteen strong unit. So still some more to go before they are finished. Will try to make the command group for them next time, and maybe one of those unit fillers that I like :P As always c &c are always welcome, see you next time.

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