Monday, 27 February 2012

Review: White Dwarf 387

So a new issue of White Dwarf and some more new releases. This time I felt there was even more focus on the new releases, which I'm not particularly fond of. But the new stuff is really cool and really needed and this time around it's WH40k with Space Wolves and Tyranids.

New releases
Takes up a large portion of the magazine, as I wrote earlier there's mostly Wh40k stuff but also a long waited for release in Finecast, the Chaos Hellcannon! Well I believe many want this even if the quality of the Finecast can be discussed. The old model where huge in metal and a pain in the arse to build from what I have heard, the model is still huge and exactly the same in looks as before but the lighter material should make it a lot easier to build. Also a new paint job on it in this issue and it looks really good. It didn't went up in retail price either which is how it should be.
Then to the big releases for 40k. Space Wolves finally got some Thunderwolf Cavalry except Canis Wolfborn. And they look really nice to, I much prefer these wolves over the old Canis Wolfborn one. Also a new Finecast Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf and a special character called Arjac Rockfist both looking really nice. And speaking of wolves, there's some more. Fenrisian Wolf pack in a multi part plastic kit, I'm most excited for these as I see the potential of turning them into Fantasy wolves for my Goblins, because these wolves looks so much better than the old dated ones in fantasy.

The Nids also got some much needed reinforcements in the Tyrannofex/Tervigon kit and the Hive Tyrant/Swarmlord kit so you can now make a Tyrant with wings without any major conversions! Great stuff indeed and I feel a little urge to buy some Nid stuff but I don't have money or time for that right now.

There's also quite a lot of old models for both Space Puppies and Tyranids remade in Finecast.

There's not much hobby stuff but there's a little guide how and when to use the new glues that GW is also releasing and many nice pictures of different staff members Tyranid armies with different colour schemes. There's also painting tutorials on how to paint a Hive fleet behemoth Tervigon and a SW Thunderwolf Cavalry model.

Rules and other things
 There's not much but there are the third part of Civil War featuring the elves, brettonians and daemons, a nice read as the first ones but I feel it would have been interesting if there were more fluff regarding these Civil Wars. Other than that there where a Tale of four gamers for LOTR (love these "tales") and among the last pages all of the slayer sword winners and a Vampire Counts gallery. Some really impressive work there as always from the Golden Demon.

This issue was quite good with many nice pictures but other than that not much useful stuff in terms of rules, fluff etc. Now I'm looking forward seeing the next issue, because maybe they will be showing all the new Empire stuff!

Rating: 3 out of 5


  1. I personally thought this was the least crappy white dwarf in bloody ages less lotr and finally some 40k stuff only complaint was no real bat rep as far as i can see so far.... anyways i love ur fantasy minatures paint jobs you done ...following :)

  2. This issue wasn't crappy at all and I like it more and more as I read through it again. But it only gets this rating because I didn't felt there was much useful aside from all the awesome new models and pictures. Glad you like my fantasy stuff and hope you will like the 40k stuff I'm planning on painting as well :)


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