Thursday, 23 February 2012

Warriors of Chaos: Kit bashing

I know I haven't been doing much chaos work lately. I have a load of Marauders that need some paint and I haven't finished my Warrior unit or the War hounds yet. So  what do I do? I buy some more Chaos stuff and don't paint it! Well I will paint it eventually and some of it quite soon even. The biggest reason I bought these new things though is because I needed some bitz. So what have  I bought then.

 A Manticore! I know a lot of people really dislike this sculpt, but I actually quite like it. Sure the pose is a little bit strange but I really like the head and how big the whole model is. But I didn't bought this kit to get an awesome new monster but mainly to get the the bitz to the really great looking riders, and especially the Sorcerer Lord which I will try to convert to have on foot or disc. Still thinking of how I want to do this, first thought was to magnetize the body and legs from a warrior and the original rider legs to switch from foot to mounting the Manticore or maybe even a Horse. Don't know how I think it looks though, looks a little bit odd and my second option may be better. And that is to cut up the original riders legs and make them look like he is walking or standing instead.

I think most people like this kit and so do I, but I didn't buy it for the Horsemen, that just a bonus. I bought it because all the spare heads in the kit. And I will use them to fill out my marauders on foot, because that kit have a very limited set of heads and I'm not particularly fond of the look of them. So these new heads will be a great addition I will probably even buy one more Horsemen kit to get more heads.

Haven't come so far with these yet but I will finish these up as soon as possible. Will make the command I have some Beastman parts I may use to convert some of them men for a more bestial look. Lastly some pictures of one half of the Sorceror Lord and with normal Warrior legs, not glued or anything just put them together to see how it looks. I'm a bit unsure, maybe I have to cut up the rider legs and reposition them.

That's all for now, next update is an Empire one again as my Mortar and crew is soon finished.


  1. I think the Sorceror looks good with those legs

  2. Thx for the input Aventine, yeah I think I go with the Warrior legs first to how it works out.

  3. Do you pant in pieces! Madness!

    I've been tempted to pick up some marauders for my Ulric Empire force for ages the new mounted kit is just so cool. Can't wait to see the paint job!

  4. He he, actually I usually don't paint my minis in pieces, especially not ordinary infantry. But I tried it out on these as the upper body is mostly flesh colour and I wanted some space for the war paint/tattoos. I do recomend the Marauder Horsemen kit, some really nice bare heads which would fit nicely as Ulric worshippers :)

  5. Awesome work, wouldn't have been my first choice of colours but they look spot on.

    What torso/upper body parts did you use on the sorcerer? The whole look of that figure is fantastic, gonna have to try get me the head/shoulders/torso and have a play - by which I mean I'm stealing your design ;)

  6. Thank you Chris. The whole upper body of this model is from the riding Sorceror model in the Manticore kit. So quite expensive just to get these parts but hey, always nice with an Lord on a Manticore as well (except in games maybe :P)


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