Saturday, 25 February 2012

Empire Update: Mortar and crew finished!

Yes the third artillery piece is finished, this time it's a Mortar. Sadly I don't have enough wheels for my next Mortar and Helblaster Volley Gun, need to get them somewhere if you have a idea of where to get them It would be much appreciated. Anyway now to this model, as I have done with the first two cannons I have the round base with some terrain on. Will show you how I make them when I start to finish the Helstorm Rocket Battery.

Also something is different with the crew, I have a dwarf in there! I figured as Ostermark is close to the dwarfen stronghold of Karak Kadrin there should be some dwarfs in Ostermark as well. So this Imperial Dwarf is helping the crew out. Just made some minor conversion on him, cut away some of the helmet and but on a hat from the Greatswords kit and remade some of the helmet underneath with green stuff. I think this makes him look more imperial, don't you think? Happy with how it turned out and now I will focus on painting more Halberdiers and the Elector Count on a Griffon, want him to be finished before the new Griffon kit arrives the 7th of April (rumours now seems to confirm this is the release date for Empire!!), because otherwise I will just buy the new one and this one will never get finished.


  1. I got a second-hand cannon with only one wheel, and ended up making the other out of green stuff using Instant Mold. Just a thought. Wheels are a rare commodity when you want them by themselves.

  2. Hmm that's actually an great idea! Have to buy instant mold but that will be great for a lot of other things as well and I have thought of buying it before. Thanks a lot for the tip :)


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