Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Empire Update: Halberdier Command group

As you may have seen on my Twitter me and my family (especially my little daughter :( ) have been ill, and therefore I haven't been able to update much lately. Also a couple of days ago my computer crashed and I can't get it to work anymore! I have formatted the hard drive and I try to install a fresh copy of windows, and I't won't install. So now I'm working with an old laptop I found at home, think I have to buy a new PC asap, anyhow on to some warhammer stuff. I have managed to paint a little and I have now finished my Command group for the Halberdier unit. More soldiers and a little unitfiller is soon finished as well and I will show them as well soon. The pictures aren't looking that great I'm afraid got to bright, but they have to do for now. As always c & c is always welcome.

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