Thursday, 2 February 2012

Review: White Dwarf 386

Another review of the latest White Dwarf, and I've waited to do this because I don't really know what to write about it. First of all, the focus of this issue is LOTR which haven't been the focus for a long time. This is in line with quite a few new releases for the system. Like Watcher in the Water, Dweller in the Dark, Great beast of Gorgoth and new cav, commanders etc. for Easterlings, Ghondor, Rohan, Dwarfs, Mordor, Isengard etc. A lot of stuff and most of it looks really great but I can't get too excited as I don't play or paint LOTR. (Although I have the first Fellowship minis and the first starter box). Also there's new books coming for the system which from what I can understand is like armybooks for the different armies, but here they are called sourcebooks.

So a lot of stuff for LOTR, not much for Fantasy but they continue what they started last issus with rules for Civil War games, also there's an release for yet another tower, this time it's Deathknell Watch which is an ancient Tower used as a kind of signal post. Like the fires in the LOTR movies, but instead of fires this time is an giant skeleton making signals with their arms. There's a scenario with rules for this tower and I really like the look of it, not to expensive either.

There are also some really nice stuff for 40k with an Special Edition Crimson Fists Space Marine from the cover of the first edition of 40k, Rouge Trader. Looks really nice and there's some more stuff about how the miniatures have evolved over the years.The biggest thing is not what's in the magazine though when it comes to 40k it's actually on the spine of the magazine, putted together with the WD 386 you can see an image of what really looks like an Dark Angel. So now the rumours of 6th edition and Dark Angels, Chaos Space Marines and The Fallen is circulating like crazy. And it actually looks like DA and maybe even Fallen will be in the Starter Set. Looks like there will be some 40k purchases for me this year anyway :). Really exciting and this spine thingie GW does is great!

Not any hugely interesting stuff for me, but the spine thing and some other bits and bobs makes me rate this WD as follows.

Rating: 3 out of 5

 The last pic of the spines is taken from Bell of lost Souls, showing a part of a Dark Angel Space Marine. Said to be in the next WH40k starter box! More info about this here and here.

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