Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Dark Vengeance at last

So I finally got my Limited Edition of Dark Vengeance, I had a standing order at Wayland games on the LE version but suddenly got an mail that they didn't have any more boxes (as they had been promised btw). So got three options, 1. A Standard Edition of Dark Vengeance, a Kabuki model (Uriel) and a 5% Discount voucher, 2 Standard Ed. and refund of the difference or 3. Contact staff to come up with a solution.

I choose option 1. Don't know what to do with a 40 mm model but it looks nice at least and I will probably find something to use him for. I would have been angrier about this as I really want that LE Interrogator Chaplain, but I luckely found one last box at a Swedish webshop called GameManiacs. So I ordered it and today I got the LE edition from GM and I found out today that my order from Wayland games got shipped today, so soon I will have another box which I'm still uncertain of what to do with yet.

So I have some stuff to build now, I won't go to much in detail about the different things in the box as I intend to do a mini review of the box soon and as there is plenty of post about the content on different blogs. But I can say as much as I'm really happy with how all the models looks and the quality of the sculpts. More to come in the next couple of days and if you have gotten your box too, tell me what you think about it.

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