Monday, 17 September 2012

Deathwing Terminator Finished!

First finished actual Dark Angel in ages! Have been painting GotC for a while but I'm now going back to the parent chapter, at least for some models. And here's is my first ever Deathwing Terminator (yep, have never painted a Deathwing mini before only Ravenwing and Greenwing back in the day). It was really fun to paint, much more so than my current GotC models which I'm fed up with painting. So expect more Dark Angels (at least the Dark Vengeance box), Minotaurs and some Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marines in the future.

If people are interested I may do a tutorial on how I paint my Deathwing later, anyhow hope you like the result.


  1. Looks good, would be interested to see how you did it.

  2. Thx guys. Very well then I will make a little tutorial as soon as I can :)

  3. Very nice, love the weathering effects.


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