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News: Latest Dark Angels Rumours

New friends for this guy in Nov?
Found this info on Warseer from Stickmonkey who normally share solid rumours. Visit the link for more info because Stickmonkey is answering a lot of different questions about these rumours and more. Anyhow here it is:

Hello boys and girls,
I've rested and recovered from the insanity of GDUK, really enjoyed meeting lots of people. If I met you there, cheers.

Down to business.

Right now info I have is we will see DA in November, and we can play with them before Christmas.

From the rules rumor dept I have a few bits, please bear in mind these are only rumors:


Belial - not needed for deathwing
Sammael - not needed for ravenwing
Barakiel - named Techmarine/master of the forge! Note: barakiel is known as Angel of Lightning in references
Sabrael - guardian of the inner circle, gives bonus to inner circle unit
Company Master TA option
Interrogator chaplain
Command squad ( option to take TA or bikes with Belial or Sammael respectively, and apothecary, standard bearer, 1 heavy weapon)


Chaplains (x3 can function independently like sanguinary priests in BA, or form a unit w special rules). Only characters if independent.
Inner circle unit ( name is not known) tasked with hunting down one enemy unit, special rules for doing so. Can death wing assault, can assault on deep strike. But glass cannon, great in assault, but standard PA so will be easily shot up.
Brother-interrogators - this unit wears chaplain style death masks, but are not chaplains, they are a specialist unit adept at near range combat, standard armament is dual bolt pistols and power maul. Can upgrade pistols.


Tactical squad
Ravenwing Bike squad not sure how it differs from ravenwing assault squad.


Ravenwing assault squad
Ravenwing support squad
Assault marines
Ravenclaw air superiority fighter


Whirlwind w flakk options
Land raider
Devastator w flakk options

Rumor is there is something else for the heavy slot too, but no info specific to it.


Siege cannon ( this is supposedly the Techmarine cannon described earlier)
Battle bunker

That's enough to chew on for now....might be a few more surprises...and this is still just RUMOR folks...names and all.


Some of the answers Stickmonkey is giving in the thread:

Land speeder storm was also in the FA slot, according to sources.

No mention of excessive plasma-ness in this round.

Phil did say that. However, there has also been much debate over getting appropriate xenos fortifications into the mix. They have eldar, ork and tyranid terrain just waiting to be produced that I know of. Maybe next summer will be summer of fortifications. :P 

No mention of excessive plasma-ness in this round.

Phil did say that. However, there has also been much debate over getting appropriate xenos fortifications into the mix. They have eldar, ork and tyranid terrain just waiting to be produced that I know of. Maybe next summer will be summer of fortifications. :P

Standard Dedicated Transports are there, Rhino, razorback, and Drop Pods. I have conflicting rumors the Land Raider is in as a Dedicated Transport for Terminators.

Also in discussions at Games Day, the StormTalon is to remain a Codex Space Marines only vehicle.

Mixed terminator squads: Earlier rumor was mixed squad remained, however, cyclones could only be taken on SB marines. I haven't heard any more on this, that was a while ago, it really could go either way. I wouldn't build any more or tear apart those you have just yet.

the company master for DA in TA will be a single plastic character blister. It will include some options for loadout but not all, but will be blinged out like the DV termies.

the new landspeeder
Its bigger than the StormTalon, but the fuselage has a landspeeder style to it. I took it to mean squarish. The wings are supposedly fanned forward like an Aquila. And others have mentioned it would not take much to make this look like the chapter symbol, but I haven't heard anything on this.

The single character sprues have plenty of space on them for options. Look at what is packed onto a character finecast sprue. You have Arjak in a smaller finecast sprue and he's in TA, then you have Draigo with head swaps. I don't find it at all implausible they could have 2-3 weapons, perhaps a sword, a storm bolter or a combi weapon all on the sprue. Also, IIRC there was a single sprue terminator released with WD with the starter release for 5th. Granted, it was just a starter terminator, but it certainly fits in the character sprue sized thoughts.

From what I have heard there is a death wing upgrade character, a tactical upgrade character, a ravenwing upgrade character, and a scout upgrade character, namaan being one of these.  

Quote Originally Posted by Cacodemon View Post
Thanks to Stickmonkey for getting me excited after the somewhat disappointing Chaos Space Marines Codex.

Do you think that the Mortis Dreadnought will have the ability to Skyfire like its Forge World counterpart?
Interesting you ask. I just heard a rumor that there is a AA option for DA that will likely make it to all chapters eventually.
Quote Originally Posted by Master Sheol View Post
@Stickmonkey: do you have any rumors on the special rules for the army and the units? And that "we will play with DA before xmas" means a december release?
Nothing solid. Somewhere else someone mentioned army wide gets hot rerolls, but that sounded like wishlisting with all the plasma rumors abounding.

So my sources say.

Quote Originally Posted by Raibaru View Post
On one hand I hope we get a new kit as I'm still desperately looking for some robed terminator action.
IIRC the DW box WIP had only one robed terminator body for the Sgt/champion. But I still don't know if that will be part of this release for sure.

Quote Originally Posted by Arbedark View Post
O.K. Working on the assumption that Stickmonkey is right, I've got some more questions for Stickmonkey if he feels like answering them:
So a end of November White Dwarf (December issue) and a release in December sometime?
Answering as best I am able.
So my sources tell me.

Quote Originally Posted by Arbedark View Post
Attack bike in a command squad? Or Heavy Weapon in power armoured command squad? Or do you just mean for the Deathwing?
I took it as each type could take one. So PA command squad could get a single heavy weapon, apoth, standard, etc. A TA squad the same, but that the RW command squad was 3 bikes and a attack bike w hvy weapon, or 5 bikes, but not a LS. The history here does not point to GW breaking the concept that a RW full squad is still 10 man strong, 6 bikes, a AB, and a LS. 
Quote Originally Posted by Arbedark View Post
A unit of just 3 models? Any idea if these can be combined? I.E: 4-6 with 2 FOC slots?
Same stats and special rules as normal Chaplains from Codex: SM and BA?
Sorry, I think I missed a + there. base unit was described as 3 man, but additional models could be added to a max unit size which was not given to me.

Quote Originally Posted by Arbedark View Post
Any more info on these? "Great in assault"? Power weapons? Jump Packs etc. DA version of Vanguard?
Most like. But they have some form of hunters from hyperspace type rule in addition. And they might have some new DA special weapons...dark claws or dark swords, you know, to egg on the stereotypes... ;P

Quote Originally Posted by Arbedark View Post
Upgrade pistols to what? Just Plasma or are options from BA Codex in there too? I.E. Inferno Pistols and Hand Flamers? Only Pistol options or can take other ranged weapons? Plasma Guns, Flamers, Meltaguns, Stormbolters etc? Special ammo for pistols?
DA version of Sternguard?
I don't know, plasma pistols most likely. infernus is pretty much a BA thing. hand flamers are possible. I'm speculating more than anything here, I don't have solid info.

Quote Originally Posted by Arbedark View Post
These are staying and distinct from the above two units? Any word on options for them?
Yes. Separate. Options? hmm...
Quote Originally Posted by Arbedark View Post
Presumeably standard / Venerable dread with normal dread options? Any options for a CCW dread ala Ironclad or Furioso? Or do DAs forfeit those in order to get (hopefully) better Mortis style dreads?
DA seem to focus on getting close, but not too close.
Quote Originally Posted by Arbedark View Post
Any word on whether these retain WS/BS 4 if they remain elites? Standard options? Is the LSS a dedicated transport yet as it should be?
No info to share here.
Quote Originally Posted by Arbedark View Post
Still retain mixed squads? Any more options to give differing armaments ala Space Wolf terminators? Single Lightning Claw and Storm Bolter etc?
SB, PS, LC, TH, SS, AC, AssC, PC, HF, CML, CF, PA, and PF are all the options I've heard rumored. Default is standard SB PF, Sgt w SB PS. Of note, AC and the PASS combo both are new info that's been whispered to me.
Quote Originally Posted by Arbedark View Post
Rumoured DA Plasma Predator options?
No plasma sponsons, plasma cannon turret is supposedly like the Leman variant. Heard a deviant rumor that they have meltagun sponsons as an option too...
So PC, AC, LasC w HB, HF, MG sponsons. Supposed to be a new kit with BA Pred style sponsons and DA icons included.

Quote Originally Posted by Arbedark View Post
Only the basic or other models too? I.E. Crusader, Redeemer, Plasma focused Land Raider?
No word, but assume the current variants. Ares/Plasma LR unlikely.
Quote Originally Posted by Arbedark View Post
Presume this is the Mortis dread, with more ranged options? 2 Missile Launchers? 2 Assault Cannons?
Sounds like the HVY slot dread is the standard, and the specialist DA dread is Elite. and either can be upgraded to ven...for what that's worth now.
Quote Originally Posted by Arbedark View Post
Finally, any word in Army Wide special rules? Stubborn? Hunt the fallen? Combat Tactics?
Nothing solid. Only what I've mentioned before.  
Comment: Sounds promising and it seems we will get plenty of new stuff. Myself is most looking forward seeing the flying Ravenclaw, the Brother-Interrogators, the new characters and hopefully a box for Deathwing Terminators, with command options and everything. With the rumoured WoC in October and then this in November my wallet will be very sad this autumn.

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