Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Deathwing Terminator and Hellcannon WIP:s

Hi there, just a little update as I got a new camera today and wanted to try it out. The new camera is so much better than the last compact camera I used. So Iv'e finally upgraded to an system digital camera and I ended up with Nikon D3100 for a nice price. Among the ordinary stuff like a bag and UV filter I also bought a tripod to get better and more stable pictures. So the only thing that is missing is a light box to get even better pictures on my miniatures. That will have to wait until after we have moved though.

So I got some photos of some stuff I'm painting right now, didn't change any options or something as I just wanted to try it out. And I'm pretty satisfied with the result even if I just tried these out for fun. Hopefully I can bring you even better photos in the future, until then here's some WIP photos of my Hellcannon, a Deathwing Terminator I just started to paint and a new picture of my Demigryph Knights compared with one of the old ones.

Almost done with the cannon and th

Just started painting this yesterday

The new Nikon D3100
My old Panasonic DMC-FS9

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