Saturday, 8 September 2012

News: WH Forge Magma Dragon

Like it wasn't enough with the Fire Elemental from Warhammer Forge we now also get this awesome looking Dragon, the Magma Dragon. I really like how big and bulky it looks in comparison with most other Dragons. Altough I find it a little hard to believe that it can fly with those little wings. Other than that I really like it.


  1. AMAZING piece!!
    Finally a different dragon!
    I think the wings are a bit small but its perfect respect to the reference art from the book. Those wings extended will grow a lot , also I can imagine this dragon making big jumps using that wings instead of big "bird" flying moves.

  2. Reminds me some of Tamurkhan's Toad Dragon mount. But i like what I see and that it's different from other dragons.

  3. Diego - Totally agree, I also imagine it to make big jumps instead of actual flying, and when looking at the artwork from Monstrous Arcanum it's exactly the same and this is how it should look.

    Dai - Yeah it does actually but that's probably because of the more bulky bodies looking more like real Lizards.


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