Thursday, 28 March 2013

My Empire at White Dwarf Daily!

A little late (thanks to Deadspace1 for the heads up) but earlier this week a post over at White Dwarf Daily by Dan Harden actually showcased some of my miniatures. And this is actually the second time I'm on the daily, last time they showed my Chaos Warriors and now it was some of my Empire mini's. Always fun that people seem to like what I've done with my armies and wants to show them for even more people.

Now I'm just hoping to maybe have something showed in the actual White Dwarf magazine as well :D If someone is wondering Dan found the pictures of my miniatures via their Flickr group, and then contacted me and asked if I could take a little better photos of what I had and send them to him. And of course I did just that and also got some tips about how to take better quality photos (and I'm still learning this). So for anyone who also want to have their minis showcased either on the Daily or maybe even the proper WD magazine upload your photos to flickr and join the GW group.


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