Sunday, 3 March 2013

Showcase: Empire Outriders finished!

I had to re paint quite a lot actually, and even re build as the champion previously had an Hochland Long Rifle which they are not permitted to carry any more (shame because they where the best to have them with their BS5) . And also reworked the basing to fit in with the rest of the army and now I quite like this little unit. Tell me what you think and if you think Outriders are worth it now days.


  1. I like these they look lush!

    Was losing the rifle an FAQ thing or just with the 8th edition book (I still have brought no 8th.ed books)

  2. Thanks!

    The Outrider champ loosed the rifle option in the 8th ed Empire Ab. A real shame, but I can sorta of understand that it may be hard to shoot that thing precisely on horseback.


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