Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Painting Challenge 2013: February

Yeah quite late for the Feb evaluation I know but batter late than never. Well, I painted quite a lot last month but not much got finished though, especially not when it came to points. So these where the miniatures that I finished last month.

Guardians of the Covenant

1 Deathwing Knight 47 Pts


1 IC Knight 25 Pts

Warriors of Chaos

10 Warhounds 60 Pts (Those cheap bastards :P )

Total: 132 Pts

Not much points painted this month as you can see, the biggest reason for this is that I also started to paint up quite a lot of new miniatures which I wasn't able to finish last month, like the Daemon Prince, ten more Chaos Warriors, along with some more stuff. So expect a lot of more points painted this month instead :).


  1. Give your hounds poisoned attacks and vanguard! That'll give you at least another 20 points ;p

  2. Haha, yeah good idea ^^ Well I think I will use the Vanguard option at least quite usually. Will be plenty more points painted in the Mars update though ;)


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