Friday, 1 March 2013

News: Warhammer Forge Dwarf Command released!

We saw the first pictures quite a while ago but now they are out and can be bought at Forgeworld. I must say I like all three of them and is looking forward too see what more Wh Forge has in store for us. Down below is the info from about the new Command set, to see more visit their webpage.

Dwarf armies are led into battle by its Lords and Thanes, and these nobles epitomise the Dwarf way of war. Grim leaders all, they bear the very finest weapons and rune-etched Gromril armour.

It is common for a Dwarf Thane to be entrusted with a great banner to bear into combat. This is both a physical symbol of the honour and oaths of a hold and its lord, and also confers protection from enemy magic because of the potent runes inscribed upon such revered items by Dwarf Runesmiths.

Should a Dwarf suffer some terrible personal tragedy he will often enter into a terrible self-imposed exile. Taking fell oaths before a shrine of Grimnir, the shamed Dwarf will ritually dye his hair and beard orange, shave his head and stiffen what hair remains into a great crest, and put aside all trappings of their former life. Only then do they become a Slayer.

The Dwarf Command Set contains three multi-part resin models: a Dwarf Lord, Dwarf Battle Standard Bearer, and a Dragon Slayer. Models designed by Edgar Skomorowski.


  1. Not a fan.

    The BSB looks all right, but nothing spectacular. The slayer has his head sprouting from the centre of his chest nearly and the lord. He is no lord! He doesn't look any where are lordly or regal enough to be a king. As someone suggested on twitter, maybe a champion for a longbeard unit or something but not a king.

    Damn it FW! TRY HARDER!

  2. I can agree about the lord may not have enough bling to look like a lord, but If I bought these I would probably use him as a Thane anyway. I like the BSB most but I don't mind the hunchback Slayer, as I see it as he is ducking a blow blow or going in a low fighting stance. Although when I think about it I don't think a slayer would risk their crests of hair like that :P


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