Monday, 25 March 2013

WoC: Pink/Blue Horrors Unit filler

Even if my first Tzeentch Chaos Warriors unit of 18 models is quite small I couldn't resist making just a small unit filler for them. Just to add some flavour and colour to the unit, also I don't think anyone can misunderstand what mark they got.

I have also completed two new warriors so that makes the unit almost complete, just one more soldier and the unit is 18 man strong. Well the last one I will make into a painting tutorial I think. I have also made some changes to some of the command models but I will show you that next time.


  1. Wow man. I absolutely love the paint job on the horrors. You've absolutely nailed the shifting colours look. Looking forward to seeing the full unit together!

  2. Thanks man, I will probably do an Tutoral when I paint the next Pink Horror.

  3. That would be cool to see. Also, congrats on being showcased on the GW blog mate. Really well deserved.

  4. Thanks Deadspace1, totally missed that one out :D Always nice to be showcased of course.


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