Thursday, 28 March 2013

WARZONE: £90k pledge lvl reached!

This morning I think it was we reached the 90k stretch goal which means we will get new unit for each of the five factions, down below they are with the newest one. The Cybertronic Scorpion.

We have also got some more cool pictures of upcoming models, and this time two new for the Dark Legion. The Tank variant called Black widow and the hero Golgotha, both is looking really good in my opinion even though the Widow should have eight legs because of it's name :P

Prodos have also done another really great update in this Kickstarter and that was increasing the value of the different pledges, especially the higher tiers as to get people to pledge more of course. Well I was at the Cartel level before and after this change I got another starter and a hero for free! This is freaking awesome and makes this pack totally worth it (well I thought it was even before). So from the Cartel I get all this for the sum of £ 249. 

5 Starters of my choice, 4 heroes ( 1 extra for being for international pledger) and the Mishima character, 8 troops/monster packs, the special ed and signed rulebook, extra 30 cards, t-shirt among with the other freebies like dice and extra weapons in the starters etc. Also I get 10 % of the sum to add extra worth of stuff so in my case here £ 24,9 extra worth of models, totally awesome. So now I must just decide to which I factions I want and what extra stuff I want for those armies, so really tough choices.

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