Thursday, 8 August 2013

I'm back! (and have been doing some Hobby time)

Hi there guys, been away a while now doing RL stuff so haven't been able to do much posting here.
Also I haven't done that much hobby stuff either but I have painted some at least, so this post it
pretty much to declare I'm back in action and also what I have been doing lately hobby wise.

First of all I continue to paint my Gorebeast Chariot, and soon my friends that one is finished, have some final highlights to to on the chariot and some more stuff to do on the riders. Further with my WoC I have also started to paint up some more Nurgle warriors so I can try to finish up that unit this year at least, I'm almost finished with a little Plaguebearer unit filler for them as well which I will show you soon.

I have more projects planned for my WoC having some Trolls on the way soon hopefully
(have been waiting for these for three weeks now but they haven't been shipped yet) along with some more stuff like Festus and some Daemons stuff as well.

As for my other armies and Empire in particular I haven't been painting much for the lately will take up them again with an focus on finishing my Greatswords, Flagellants and Knights.

Converting and building
Not much here, in the summer I started to convert a Nurgle Daemon Prince based on Chaos Space Marine Helbrute from the Dark Vengeance box. Haven't done much to him yet but a pic can be found on my Twitter. I will convert more Daemon Princes (you may need a lot you know :) ), one Khorne which I will also use as a Bloodthirster for the Daemons I want to. I will also to another one looking like a Tzeentch one, may double him as an Lord of Change as well if the conversion works and when I think about it, maybe even the Nurgle DP can be a Great Unclean One, I just need to make him really fat.

Have been waiting for my White Dwarf to arrive and it arrived today! It has never been so late and normally I get it one day in advance. So have just flipped through it yet and it follows the same formula I think, I do like the new Lizardmen models though and the book looks quite promising as well. Lizardmen have never been my favourite army but I do like the minis more and more, both new and old.

That's all for now folks, will do more updates from now on.

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