Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Miniature Mon(Tues)day Weekly Roundup

Had to do some unexpected RL stuff yesterday so I didn't have time for the weekly update so for this week we get an Miniature Tuesday instead. So with the Tzeentch BSB done and the Flagellants done I can move on to some of the other projects I want to get finished.

One thing for example is to upgrade the Flagellant unit, so the unit filler I had in there (which by the way won a competition on warhammer-empire.com some years ago) didn't cut it anymore. So I went into the Empire bitz box and found many parts of my old War Altar which I scrapped when I finished the other one. It's a nice model though and I wanted to use it so I decided to make this into a new unit filler, a large unit filler.

Below you can see how it looks so far, I will make one more guy pulling the thing and finish up the Hamlet Prophet of Doom who is riding it, I think it can look really nice in that unit when it's finished.

I also doing some stuff with my WoC, I continue with my Gorebeast but wasn't happy with how the skin turned out so it will take a bit longer, I'm also working on a unit filler for Nurgle Warriors and wanted a skin tone that is blueish but still look Nurgle, I hope I achieved that with these ones and I quite like how the look.

That is all for this time, I have plenty of other projects I'm working on as well but these are the ones I want to get finished first, hopefully really soon. So until next time...

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