Tuesday, 27 August 2013

WoC: More blue Nurgle Warriors!

I have now finished some more of the Nurgle Warriors unit, with more rust and more decay using some bits from the Forsaken kit, Chaos Chariot kit and Nurgle Icons from GW Direct and the Halberds of course from GW Direct as well.

Other than that I painted these as I have before (tutorial here) but with the added Nurgle bits, rust and verdigris. I will post up a tutorial on how to nurglify your Chaos Warriors soon I hope.

Nothing more to say really, glad they are done so I can get on and finish up some more stuff and I also really like how this unit is turning out. I hope it does look Nurgle enough despite the blue base colours, what do you think?

The latest five, used Kromlech Orange Rust Weather Powder on these and I think it worked really well.

And the unit so far, just three more to make it a complete unit of eighteen. 

Need to do a magnetised movement tray for these asap, the standard bearer is falling all the time right now :P


  1. They look pretty good except for the rust effect you're using. It kinda looks like they've smeared... stuff... on their armour.

    Being Nurgle that might have been the intention though, in which case ignore the caveat.

  2. Nope that is not my intention at all, can't say I think it looks like it smeared on though, but it may be the pics....


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