Tuesday 13 August 2013

Miniature Mon(Tues)day Weekly Roundup

Yeah I did a Mini Tuesday this time again as I had some stuff to do yesterday. So on to what I have been doing.

As always I have done a little bit of this and a little bit of that but my main focus have been on painting up some more Nurgle Chaos Warriors. Nothing special, did some head swaps with one head from the Chariot kit and one from the Forsaken kit (this kit is great to kit bash with). I also have some Nurgle icons that I will put on some of the shields in this unit. When these are done together with the Plaguebearer unit filler the unit is up to fifteen men strong so just need three more to a full unit of eighteen.

I'm still painting up the Gorebeast Chariot and the reason for delaying this one is because I want to do a little tutorial with one of the rider models to show you how to Nurglify models without just painting them green. But it will soon be finished I promise you.

Other than that I haven't been doing much hobby stuff I'm afraid, there are some models I want to finish up painting but just can't manage myself around doing it. Like my Empire Celestial Hurricanum for example, that is a really intimidating model to start up and paint again, and I have a lot of painting to do on that one.

Another model that I don't have so much to do on is my GotC Belial count as model which I have repainted a little and upgraded with new arms, most is already finished so just the last bits left to do on him.

So I hope I get around and finish painting some models this week, the Chariot I really want to finish up, but a lot of RL stuff this week as well so I have to see how it goes on that one.


  1. I get that the Empire Celestial Hurricanum would terrify me!

  2. Yeah it's a really intimidating model to paint, and I have already painted War Altar with the same chassis so I know how much time it takes to paint those models.


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