Monday, 26 August 2013

Miniature Monday Weekly Roundoup

Not much actual painting in this Mini Monday as I have actually not been painting that much the last week, however the Nurgle Warriors is finished and I will show you the result tomorrow. So what will I write about then? Well I have got some new stuff from a Polish company called Kromlech. They are now a sponsor of this blog, which means I get some stuff from them and I do reviews (of course using my honest opinion), painting tutorials etc. using their products.

So I got some nice stuff today and first impression is that it looks like really great quality stuff. I have never used any of their products before but the models and bits is looking really nice and it will be nice to paint these things up. Something I have already tried is one of their Weathering Powders, and I'm a total noob when painting with pigments like these but the result was really satisfying (Orange Rust on my Nurgle warriors) and I'm looking forward using these more.  

If anyone has any tips on how to use weathering powders, please make a comment below.
That's all for now, expect more stuff about these products in the future as well as all the usual stuff. Now I need to finish making a magnetized movement tray for my Nurgle Warriors. 

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