Wednesday 14 August 2013

Painting Challenge 2013: July

Another Painting Challenge month and also a month where I had most of my Summer Vacation so we have to see if that will show in the result this month.

Tzeentch BSB on a Demonic Mount (minimum equipment Halberd, Shield, Barding, MoT) 204 Pts

The Empire
10 Archers 70 Pts
10 Flagellants 120 Pts

1 Jungle Kommando Sergeant 43 Pts (Warzone 2 ed)

Total this month:  437 Pts

So a great month both model wise and points wise, that I finished the BSB this month makes a lot but normally he is even worth more points than that (around 250 Pts). I also finished some models I wanted to finish for a long time like the BSB and the Archers. So I'm really happt with this months turnout and hope I get as many points in August, I doubt it though.


  1. Hi, where do you get those shields? (you used one in your mutated warrior champion too) i love them, nice work and thanks!

    1. Sorry for the late reply here Jose, I totally missed out on your comment here. Maybe you see this anyway. Well the shield on the bsb is from the actual Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount kit that most of this model is built from. As in the other case with the champion I guess you mean the Tzeentch on and that shield is from the Chaos Knights kit, so not hard to come by :)

    2. And now im Reading this reply lol xD, thanks for answer and thanks for all ur chaos paint tips, im following ur scheme and is awesome, congratulations for ur paint Jobs!


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