Tuesday, 20 August 2013

WoC: Nurgle Gorebeast Chariot finished!

Finally it's finished, my Gorebeast Chariot. It did take some time to finish paint up because of all the rust, verdigris etc I had to add to the model because I want to look Nurgle, despite it being blue. Did I managed that? Tell me what you think.

Anyhow it was also quite fun to paint up, I'm still not huge fan of the actual Gorebeast but I could not come up with a good alternative so I went with him anyway and he doesn't look that bad now when it's all finished I think. It's not the best thing I have painted, but not all things you do are and I think it looks decent enough.

Now I will continue working on my Nurgle Warriors instead, c & c is very welcome as always.


  1. It looks pretty great to me. The metalwork is very nicely done, particularly the corrosion.


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