Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Miniature Mon(Tues)day 'WoC and Empire'

Yea didn't make it yesterday so once again we get a miniature Tuesday instead, but that is okey as content is the same anyway. So what have I been doing hobby related the past week? Well painting mostly but not as much as I would have liked. I really want to finish up painting as much as possible before I get my Warzone: Resurrection miniatures (and I will get a lot of them) as they have already started to show up at some of the backers of their kickstarter, we how have more complicated orders with a lot of stuff in it (like me) will have to wait some further so here's the chance to paint up as much as possible of my Warhammer stuff before I will focus a lot on Warzone.

So what have I been painting on then?

Warriors of Chaos
When I finally finished painting the Skullchrushers opportunities opened up to paint some other things, and the one thing I wanted to paint for some time now is the Mutalith Vortex Beast. Really fun model to paint but it will take some time to complete.

Some other things I want to do next is the Nurgle Chaos Ogre from Kromlech, I have just started to paint him up now and will do an tutorial on how I paint him up, so look out for that one in the future.

The Empire
Got plenty of Empire stuff on the painting table as well, I'm in the process of change colour scheme and tidy up the paint work on 10 Handgunners and 20 Halberdiers, it is going forward but slower than expected because I still find a lot of new things on them that needs to be fixed painting wise. Still really nice kit bashed conversions though and all of the have a lot of character. I need to get on with the Knights and Hurricanum as well but it will be after the State troopers are done I reckon.

So that is all for now, a new Miniature Monday (or Tuesday) next week.

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