Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Empire: Ten Handgunners finished

Another unit for my Ostermark Empire army is finished, ten Handgunners. I got these a while ago painted up quite nicely but in the wrong colour scheme. So I re painted them and 'upgraded' some of the parts I wasn't as happy with. And here's the result, I'm especially fond with the actual conversions here. No model look the same and each one has his own character, so I'm glad I bought these models. The movement tray is magnetized as well so these fellas isn't going anyway I don't want them to go :) As always c & c is very welcome.

Full unit of ten

The back row which I just finished painting


  1. Yeah, another of my old experiment units.

    Nice repaint!

    1. Yeah really like the conversions and they look really nice in the army, so thanks for doing the heavy work on these guys :P


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