Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Empire: Five Handgunners finished

I bought these from the Interwebz fully put together and painted, but not in "my" Ostermark colours though and I also needed to tidy up the paint work here and there. So I did that, and it took more time than I had thought because you always see new things that can be improved and so on. Anyway I like this kind of painting where you skip the base colours and just 'upgrade' to how you want them to look. And now I have finally finished the first row of five Handgunners in a unit of ten.

I must say that I really like the kit bashing the guy have done with these, mostly old militia bitz but also from the old plastic Empire State trooper sprue's and the new Archers sprue's. Also no one in the unit has the same head and I love such details. Really like how these turned out and I'm currently working on finishing the last five along with a magnetized movement tray for them.


  1. Your colour scheme is great! Any chance you could explain how you paint your yellows?.. i seem to be struggling with mine.

  2. Sure thing mate! I will do a tutorial on this later on but I paint my yellow with a quite simple method really. Averland Sunset for base, may need two coats if it's a dark undercoat. I then wash with Army Painters Soft Tone Ink (Gryphoone Sepia) and when dry I highlight with Averland Sunset and then a lighter yellow for a last highlight (I used Vallejo Moon Yellow here I think)


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