Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Warriors of Chaos: Core Troops

Warriors of Chaos has a really nice mix of Core units, of course Chaos Warriors but also great chaff units like Warhounds and Marauder Horsemen and even Chaos Chariots which are great! Anyhow I have painted some of the basic units I want to use, but also have quite a lot left to do here, mainly paint up Chariots, more Warriors/Warhounds and Marauder Horsemen but also those units I may not use as much, Marauders on foot and Forsaken.

Here's what I have completed so far though, comments is always welcome.

Warriors of Tzeentch

First unit I started to paint for this army army and the colour scheme I later based all of my on. They are now 22 men strong but will be 24 men strong when finished, Most of the unit is just bits from the warriors kit but there are also banner, weapons and heads from Chaos Knights kit and a head from the new Chariot kit. As you can see there's also two Pink Horrors in there, really like those 6th ed models and will probably add some more of them. If you want to now how I painted these, there's a Painting Tutorial here

Warriors of Nurgle 

I wanted a Nurgle unit as well, with halberds, but I wanted them to be in blue like rest of the army and still look like they belong Nurgle. This is the result, and I'm quite pleased with it. I added a lot of Nurgle bits like heads from the Forsaken kit and Chariot Kit and a old banner from Beastmen Pestigors. All Halberds is from the metal GW kit where you buy ten Halberds which fits perfectly into the sockets on the arms of the models. I also used the metal Nurgle icons on some of the Shields here. I also added some Daemons to this unit with some old 6th ed metal Plaguebearers.


Among the first models I painted for this army was two of the Warhounds and then for some reason it took more than a year before I actually finished these two units. I'm quite happy with how they look, but I will go with something different on the next ones. These will then count as normal Warhounds and new ones as Vanguarding dogs.

Chaos Chariot of Tzeentch
Probably the most popular choice now a days is the Chariot, why? Well it's Core and they are awesome! I haven't painted many yet, just one ordinary chariot and one Gorebeast which you will see in the Special section. The first of the Core chariots is an Tzeentch chariot, which is probably the most uncommon of the marks accept Undivided. I wanted to do this conversion since I first saw the DoC Tzeentch Chariot, and down below is the the result. More pics here.

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