Friday, 25 October 2013

WoC: Mutalith Vortex Beast is finished!

What an awesome model and it really was a joy to paint up despite taking quite a lot of time to finish it up. In the beginning I actually thought that it probably won't take to long to paint up. that was wrong! Well I think that you can get a really nice result even if you paint it up rather fast, I however went over all the details over and over and made several highlight steps.

This time I actually pretty much followed the digital Warriors of Chaos Painting Guide which you can buy at iBook Store. I liked how it looked in there and I almost did the exact same steps and the "right" colours. Nice and easy to follow and I am really happy with how the end result is.

Hope you like it as well, and feel free to comment below.


  1. All of your colors are gorgeous. I think I would have ditched the green and kept the blue going or maybe went for a violet on the tentacles. The green just seems to be fighting the other colors. But that's just me nitpicking a beautiful model. Well done!

  2. Thanks man! I see what you mean, but In my mind the tantacles is bursting out of the main body and therefore is something different from the outer 'shell', that way I needed a more contrasting color to try and emphasize this. That was my thinking anyway, but I f I ever did another I would probably gone with a purple or violet color.


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