Friday, 25 October 2013

Painting Challenge: August - September

I have missed to do post about this the past months. Mostly because I have been busy and the little spare time I have had I wanted to use on painting as much as I could. So did I get anything done these months? Check it out further down.


Warriors of Chaos
7 Nurgle Chaos Warriors - 140 Pts
1 Gorebeast Chariot - 140 Pts

Total: 280 Pts

Comment: I finally managed to finish up the Gorebeast Chariot, it felt like it took forever to paint that model up. I also painted up some more Nurgle Warriors and which makes that unit almost complete, just need three more warriors there. A quite productive month Pts wise as well so I'm happy with this what I achieved in August.

I was most happy with how these turned out this period


Warriors of Chaos
3 Skullchrushers - 234 Pts

1 Halfling Hot Pot (count as a Helstorm Rocket Launcher)  - 120 Pts

Total: 354 Pts

Comment: A even better month Points wise and for being me I painted up the Skullchrushers quite fast when I finally got around and started to paint them. These are probably my my favourites for this period and  I'm really happy with how they turned out. Also finished some Empire models and even Halflings. Awesome model, I may need to some more Highlights on them but other than that I'm happy with how they turned out as well.

So far this year?

Jan - 461 Pts
Feb - 132 Pts
March - 424 Pts
April - 403 Pts
May - 98 Pts
June - 116 Pts
July - 437 Pts
August - 280 Pts

September - 354 Pts

Total so far: 2705 Pts

I painted 3390 Pts last year so I have to step it up to beat it, it's at least 685 Pts left on three months! I can do it!.... I think :D

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