Saturday, 2 August 2014

Unboxing Warzone: Bauhaus Starter Box

This is the unboxing of the Bauhaus Starter Box for Warzone Resurrection. This is actually an unboxing of two sets as I bought two of them in the Kickstarter, so this is also the first version of the box (Prodos has announced that it will be redone as the Cybertronic and Brotherhood starters). One set is my wave 1 and the other one from wave 2 so I will explain some minor differences here (from what I can tell anyway). So on to the unboxing.

You get the Warlord Angelica Drachen who is a Close Combat Warlord and she is 170 Pts, ten Hussar's which is a Troop choice and is 80 * 2 = 160 Pts, if you go with Rocket Launchers on them (and you should) they are instead 100 Pts for each squad. For last you also get a Light Vehicle choice in the form of the Vulkan Battlesuit worth 115 Pts.

So you get a total of approx; 485 Pts without upgrades other than the two Rocket Launchers.

All the stuff I got in the box, no front cover or anything though as this is the Kickstarter version. 

Why do I take a separate picture of the dice? Well because one of them are strictly KS exclusive (the white one with the Bauhaus cog emblem) As it looks right now these won't be coming back anytime soon. 

The warlord model in the kit is Angelika Drachen, two head options as you can see. On my Wave 1 the whip was intact but in my wave two it had fell off, not to hard to fix though. 

Details are nice and almost to small in some cases, some minor mold lines but a great deal of flash which you can easily brush off with an old toothbrush or similar. 

You get ten Hussars so here's one of the sprues for them. Better details on these than on my wave 1 actually. Much less mold lines and overal better quality in my wave 2 box. 

There is many parts to assembly to take some time but you also get more options for converting and poses.  You get two Rocker Launchers and two LMG:s in the box or enough arms to make them all having Panzerknacker Assault Rifles. 

All the spikes on their helmets are intact. (Pretty much everyone of them had fallen off in my wave 1 so I had to make my own) . The legs are w little to wide, as they almost not fit their own bases and I'm not overly keen on their backpacks, I would have liked more stuff and details here. Like combat knifes, grenades etc. 

Better quality on the resin here compared to my wave 1 as well. 

And here's the big model in the box, the Vulkan Battlesuit. This is the old KS version as it has now been remade. I do like the old version as well though so I'm glad I have two of them. There are some problems with this one and my first but this latest version actually are worse than my first model.

I won't go into detail but there are some things that are a little mishaped and some things where the detail is a little off (like the big cog) and some moldlines that is hard to fix without much greenstuff work. I have talked with Prodos about this and it is looking like I will get an replacement. I will probably put this together and paint it up as well and cover the things I can't fix to make it look like battle damage. Oh and you get to head alternatives here, an Hussar head and one enclosed. 
You get plenty of cards as well in the box, here's the four stat cards and eight resource cards.

Twenty Tactical cards (I really like Angelikas card here, Assassinate. )

Seventen Gear cards, here's a strange thing though. You get five Medpack cards, but in the game currently you can only have three Gear cards in your deck. Have e-mailed Prodos if it should be like this or if something is wrong. (It's the same in the other deck I got for my Wave 1 box, but I got that deck in wave two as well.)

Twenty six Strategy cards as well, and same here. Your only allowed three strategy cards in a deck. Here you got five 'Bunker Down' and that makes it a total of 75 cards like it should be. But there's actually four cards you can't use because you are limited to three Gear/Strategy cards. Not a huge deal but a little bit strange. 
So to sum it up, the Bauhaus Starter has some good value Pts wise and they are all useful models to have. Sure you won't really need a second Angelika like I have now when I bought a second starter box but I can always convert here into something useful.

There are some things that aren't perfect, the cards is little bit strange and my Vulkan in my second starter where not that good. But overall the quality have gone up by much since my wave one starter and I'm really looking forward to the new revised version of the box, which I will most probably buy when it's released. But until then I do recommend this version  :)


  1. Any chance you could share the contact you've used at Prodos to correct your miscast figure issues? I've tried contacting them a few times recently regarding the status of my Kickstarter order and they haven't bothered to respond to either of them.

    1. Yeah I can't I say I got a lot of answers, especially not now when Rob Alderman isn't handling it at all. In the past I have contacted and if I don't get an answer there I send it to as well. If I still don't get an answer I also mail and and then I have always got some kind of answer. I guess this is because they are super busy with wave 2 and everything, and I hope they will handle this better in the future. I haven't much problems with this but I have heard your story from others as well.

  2. This is extremely helpful, thanks! As someone who was heavily involved during the Target Games-era of Warzone, I was particularly eager to support this venture. Getting these issues resolved will go a long ways towards ensuring that eagerness isn't replaced with disdain.

    1. Totally understand that, just glad I can help :)


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